Our team intervenes for all your unclogging work. Sewer, urinal, toilet, washbasin, sterfput, cornice, sink, … We unclog your pipes and drains and treat them after intervention in order to avoid new bad surprises. We do not only repair, we also prevent.


A clogged pipe can cause a lot of trouble. It can pierce at an inconvenient place, cause water overflows with sometimes irreversible damage, or even sometimes be the cause of nauseating odors,…


The heap of limestone, grease, foreign objects can be the origin of the plug.

Using an anti-lime scale and avoiding all cracks in the pipes is the best way to prevent damage.

High pressure unclogging


It is the most efficient way for all types of openings. The machine puts water under pressure and projects itself at high speed in order to descale and remove dirt or plugs.


unclogging sewers and sterfputs


Cap detection by camera (minimum pipe size 75mm). We unclog ground, suspended and sterfputs sewers.


mechanical uncorking


We also mechanically unclog your toilets, urinals, bidet, bathtub, sink/wash basin, …


Sink unclogging

90,00€ HTVA

Trip included


Toilet unclogging

150,00€ HTVA

Trip included


High pressure unclogging

250,00€ HTVA

Trip included


our values


We always intervene in the shortest possible time, according to your needs and its urgent nature . Always attentive and proactive, our team will be able to meet your expectations and offer you adapted solutions. And this, in record time...


Chauffitherm guarantees you the most efficient service. Let's limit together your concerns, which can sometimes become overwhelming. Face threats and insecurity with the help of our team.


We are at the forefront of technology and every day is a new day for Chauffitherm. Nothing stops our team! We are constantly up to date in terms of legislation as well as the quality of the products and services we offer.