De-sludging is a curative intervention carried out on closed circuits in order to fluidify the operation of networks, water and to protect installations from the effects of corrosion.


The sludge is the accumulation of sludge and tartar within the installation.


Consequences of deep drawing


Over consumption of energy, reduction of the thermal power of the network, noise pollution from the installation, reduced water flow, heterogeneous diffusion of heat, cold radiator in the lower parts, leaks, breakdowns, …

Complete de-stacking in 3 steps


Injection of a chemical product

This product will fluidify and disperse, unblock and homogenize the sludge present in the circuit.

Sludge rinsing

Each radiator, underfloor heating loop, boiler are individually rinsed using specific devices that increase the pressure and the quality of the rinse.

Injection of a corrosion inhibitor

It is a circuit conditioning in order to keep a long term result.



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