You want to improve the energy performance of your home?


Thanks to energy subsidies, Wallonia can help you financially by supporting you in carrying out certain energy-saving works.


Have you submitted a complete “Reform” or “Transitional measures” form before 1 February 2015?Consult the page energy subsidies (old regime), to obtain more information on the “Transitional measures” subsidies.


You have not submitted a complete “Reform” or “Transitional Measures” form before February 1, 2015? Consult the 2015-2018 premiums page for more information.

Bonus C : Heating ( Brussels Capital Region )

Heating and domestic hot water are the most important costs of the energy bill. Being able to rely on the most efficient installation possible is a winning investment in the long term. Especially if your property is properly insulated and ventilated.

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