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Our team specializes in heating systems, hot water production, unclogging, plumbing, sludge removal and chimney sweeping. Our experts have several strings to their bow and that’s what makes us different.
Our main asset is without a doubt our professionalism as well as our quick unblocking which allows us to intervene for your emergencies.
Our specialized technicians can intervene in express 7/7.
Following a complete diagnosis by our technical team, we proceed to the repair, replacement or plastering of your installation whatever it is.

In case a boiler installation is necessary, Chauffitherm offers you a wide range of boilers: Gas, oil, pellet or heat pump.
We will advise you to provide you with the most suitable solution!

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Have you run out of hot water? The hot water pressure is low? The radiator doesn't heat very well anymore? Is it leaking or leaking? All these everyday problems are quickly repaired by the experts at chauffitherm. You have a problem with the fuel or electrical supply,... Contact us for a quick solution.



Chauffitherm has plumber technicians throughout Belgium. Water leaks, pipe repairs, water damage, hot water production, leaking taps, leaking toilets, ... Our experts will find a simple, fast and efficient solution to all your problems.



Our team intervenes for all your unclogging work. Sewer, urinal, toilet, washbasin, sterfput, cornice, sink, ... We unclog your pipes and drains and treat them after intervention in order to avoid new bad surprises. We do not only repair, we also prevent.


boiler breakdown service

Your heating doesn't work anymore? You don't have hot water anymore? It is probably a malfunction of the installation. These everyday worries can seriously affect your well-being at home. At Chauffitherm, we know how disturbing it is and we do everything possible to quickly repair your installation.



Maintaining your boiler has many advantages. It allows you to consume less. It also prolongs the reliability of your boiler and limits the risk of breakdown. And of course, it is important to know that maintaining your heating system is a federal obligation. Find out how Chauffitherm can help you.



The de-silting is a curative intervention operated on closed circuits. The objective of this inverventon is to improve the fluidity of the water, the operation of the networks, and to protect the installations from the effects of corrosion. Chauffitherm can help you.


our values


We always intervene in the shortest possible time, according to your needs and its urgent nature . Always attentive and proactive, our team will be able to meet your expectations and offer you adapted solutions. And this, in record time...


Chauffitherm guarantees you the most efficient service. Let's limit together your concerns, which can sometimes become overwhelming. Face threats and insecurity with the help of our team.


We are at the forefront of technology and every day is a new day for Chauffitherm. Nothing stops our team! We are constantly up to date in terms of legislation as well as the quality of the products and services we offer.